The Power of First-Party Data Beyond Direct Segment Monetization

Article from AdMonsters written by By Lynne d Johnson on August 12, 2021.

A Conversation With Fandom’s Mike Racic

Mike Racic, Global Head of Programmatic and Data, Fandom about why publishers should think beyond 1P data as direct segment monetization.

Publishers are overlooking their biggest opportunity as the third-party cookie slowly slips away.

Sure, a first-party data strategy is paramount for monetizing traffic once the cookie crumbles, but publishers should also be thinking long-term about how to position themselves to deliver on identity — and drive stronger demand for their audiences, both on and off their O&O properties. …It’s a little bit different at Fandom as we treat all users/audiences as “consumers” or “fans.” So the more engaged they are with our content and the more value they see, the more they are open to sharing information with us that will enhance their experience on Fandom.

This will allow us to better serve our advertisers’ needs as well, where we understand how/what/when/where fans engage with us and how that can be applied to deliver optimal advertising campaigns for both the fan and the agency/brands.

An interesting article/conversation (outside the sales pitch) because on a rare occasion, someone mentions the importance of consumer, reader, user engagement as the most important factor to a first-party data strategy.

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