6 Steps To Make The Cookie Crumble Your Way

By postponing the deprecation of third-party cookies, Google just did everyone a big favor. You may have sighed relief, but don’t get too comfortable.

Let’s be realistic, with iOS and Firefox already ahead on 3rd party cookies deprecation, both advertisers and publishers are left with an ecosystem split in two and media strategies that does not take this into consideration.

Few advertisers were truly ready for a cookieless web. Like a math test in school, where almost no one is really ready, moving the deprecation of cookies to mid-2023 has been met with an industry-wide sign of relief.

Unfortunately, like with the postponed test, this has been followed but the same response we all often had in school; a belief that there is now extra time to waste.

But this is a decade-level change. There isn’t actually extra time: now there is enough time.

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