The State of Ad Filtering in 2021

The surge in digital media consumption continues. Ad spend is flowing freely beside the traffic stream. But unfortunately, to the dismay of publishers and advertisers alike, ad block usage is on the rise.

And you’re probably thinking that the majority of people blocking ads flat out hate them — sheesh, that’s a lot of lost traffic running like water under the bridge. But your ruminations couldn’t be further from the truth. Truth is, people install ad blockers because they want to filter out annoying, intrusive ads.

This brings us to another major consumer behavioral shift that started trending ever since we entered the pandemic era: ad blockers are becoming ad filterers — the 95% of all ad-blocking users who have an ad blocker installed but still consent to be served ads.

Continue reading the article on AdMonsters to find what makes the audience tick. But my point of view is that we’ve been very bad at using digital advertising in the same way it’s been sold. The digital media platforms are first and foremost about relations and we’ve been doing the complete opposite when it came to advertising. We’ve had very little transparency on data collection and have been lazy + sloppy when it came to remarketing. Can we blame audiences to adopt ad blocking then? Also, we’ve should made them understand that nothing is free in this world. You rather tolerate the ads on the plateforme or pay for the content. My thoughts… go see what AdMonsters had to say.