5 Non-Obvious Things To Know Before Choosing A CTV Supply

Still got the feeling every time that CTV advertising is just a shinny buzzword that casts a big shadow on real objectives and targets. Same ad, different platform…

Not all CTV supply partners are created equal. To put your ad spend to good use, here are critical things to watch for when choosing a CTV partner.

78% of US households are now reachable via programmatic CTV advertising, a 56% growth from last year. CTV is a potent new medium with great reach and access to consumers, while web and in-app are swiftly losing addressability. Programmatic continues to be the preferred vehicle to reach consumers in this environment because of the operational efficiency and ability to manage inventory across devices through one easy dashboard.

This piece was written byby Oleg Sokolan, Director of Demand Partnerships at Admixer. Continue reading on AdExchanger- Source