Email Ad Monetization Will Get Harder With iOS 15

Even if I’m a big Apple user, I find it difficult to see that they use the excuse of user privacy to short circuit an entire industry. They shot down cookies and now they are disturbing the whole email marketing measurement without any replacement solution. GAFAM has too much power and negative effects on smaller players.


Email ad monetization will forever change when Apple officially releases iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) this fall.

This new feature will apparently send all emails opened with the Apple Mail app (regardless of what email service is used, like Gmail or Outlook) to a proxy server that will pre-load all content, including any impression or tracking pixels, according to Litmus. 

This would make impression tracking Apple Mail users impossible. If you send an email to 100,000 of them, your pixel would fire 100,000 times, even if only 20,000 actually opened it. This impression data (aka number of opens) will effectively become unusable.

This update, nonetheless, will likely have a few major impacts:

  1. Impression reporting will become unreliable or more complicated to do.
  2. Pricing by impressions will go away.
  3. Email ad network eCPMs will likely drop.

Today’s column is written by Chris Shuptrine, VP of marketing for Kevel.
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