The Unintended Consequences Of Brand Safety  

The evolution of digital media has unleashed a number of unintended negative consequences.

Just to rattle off a few examples: The quest for impression-based scale led to advertisers buying impressions that would never be in view; the quest for clicks gave us clickbait, click farms and fraud; the need for TV-like engagement and impact brought about interstitials, superstitials and annoying ads, which created demand for and led to the rise of ad blocking; deft laser targeting brought about privacy issues; and the binary swing from content to pure audience targeting created brand safety and suitability problems – all unintended negative consequences due to the pursuit of innovation.

Pursuing brand safety and suitability is having similar unintended consequences, and it needs to be tackled now.

Irresponsible and aggressive implementations of brand safety block diverse communities and segments of the population from serving ads, preventing creators who rely on monetization from making a living from ads on their channels.

column is written by Jed Hartman, US President, Channel Factory. Continue reading :