No More Unicorn and Cotton Candy Champagne

Challenging Ideas and Concepts… So, I’m putting it out there. I’ve always held back, stayed low profile and kept comment to myself. I truly believe that we need to challenge what is out there. The times of the unicorns are over, or at least, they need to be treated like all the others.

Martech is failling marketers because most of the time, the end goal is about their exit strategy more than solving marketing problems.

For 20 years or so, I have seen new techs, I have been part of teams that created amazing techs. Martech specialists come and go. Every day new amazing techs are introduced to the market. Every day new investments are announced and most of the time, we never hear back. Too often, I have the feeling that martech is about the new flashy thing or the flavour of the month. In a billion dollar industry, we need to see more results and more accountability.

The Devil is in the Details is all designated for the type of points I’m looking to make and the conversations I hope to start. Not because it looks good that it works.

Side note, I’ll do my best to write in proper English, but it’s not my first language, so I apologize in advance (like any good Canadian) for mistakes, misspales, and/or grammatical errors.

Picture from Midget Mamma